One day old chicks

Artificial incubation is a complex process which requires exact control in order to achieve optimal hatching results, which guarantee achievement of satisfactory fattening results. The hatchery is equipped with by Chick Master technology. The breeding of chicks from eggs acquired at our own reproductive farms guarantees high product quality. Large, same aged flocks allow for a short collecting period of eggs intended for hatching. Consistent in quality and even-aged batches of chicks are an important factor which supports results on fattening farms. The BroMargo hatchery offers additional services in the form of preventive vaccinations of chicks in accordance with the Customers’ expectations and requirements. BroMargo’s specialized consulting service monitors the results achieved by farmers and provides assistance in the ongoing improvement of fattening results. Continued contact with recipients of chicks, insight into situational details on their farms allows for an exchange of experience and information between the farmer and hatchling supplier representatives, which in consequence results in continuous improvement of fattening technology and placement organization.